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by Capgrass

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-------- DESCARGA GRATUITA ----------
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Martin Alexis Franco Santillan - Bateria
Julian Corbera - Guitarra
Isaias Daniel Cañete Lucena - Voz
Gabriel Ruiz Diaz - Bajo

Todos los temas son composiciones propias, asi como las letras y todas las ideas plasmadas en este disco. El arte de tapa fue diseñado por Martin Franco a partir de una fotografia tomada de flickr (/variousinstances - Tim Brown). Todo el trabajo fue realizado de forma independiente, junto a Fernando Muiños como productor general.


released June 23, 2014

Producido, Editado y Masterizado por Fernando Muiños

Bateria grabada en "La Rasta Estudio"
con la colaboración de Manuel Matarasso

Colaboración en solos de guitarra de Jorge Collazo

Agradecemos a Federico Mele por ayudar a componer las baterias de todos los temas



all rights reserved


Capgrass Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Track Name: Dead In The Crowd
Been eaten from inside
Is too late to react
You supported the lie
Now you feel the treason

From the bastards, of the heights!

Running off, when you hear the call
In a world full of rats
No place for you
Consumed by the plague

By the cruelty of others, you soul will burn!

Blinding lights, more than ever
All alone, Doing nothing
At the time when everything collapsed

Look at their faces
They are the thrash of this world!

Look inside yourself
You are lost...
Track Name: Disruption Of The Deepest Dreams
Trap in a cell
No more I can tolerate
A war made me
To carry this fate

I am afraid
I wont resist this game
I want to escape
Maybe I'll Kill Myself!!


9 days have passed
Would I ever rest in calm
Where's that noise coming out
I want it to shut up!

Why I Let them won
This hell had burned enough
No trace of Sanity
Will stop this frenzy

My head!

My life... Gone!

Human Flesh
Blood and Food
Please stay away
Don't Look

Give Me the Pleasure
Of Keep me awake
Your deepest fear
Now lives in me

Track Name: Material Agony
Fragile Mind
Destroyed with Fire
The Rest of Pieces
Will Tear Apart

My Life is Sick
Nowhere To Hide
I am Destined
To Carry on

My Death!

I'm Wondering
If I can Find
A better Reason
To Stay Alive

The Only Hope
I left Behind
My Only Love
Consumed by Fire


So Here I am
Hanging Tonight
My Eyes Are Close
My Body Steady

I Tried To Take
My Final Breath
I Wont Forget
That Face Again

Track Name: Shade
One cold dark night
I was expecting
The vague souls
To dissappear

No one can see
The ghost of morbid
Coming to me
To satisfy...My dreams.

He was stearing
Right in my eyes
And he condenmed me
In hell to be burned

It was my pleasure
To be consumed
The demon took me
And crushed my soul

My Soul!!
Track Name: Voice Of Perdition
The bugs are crawling inside me again
Put them to Sleep by been awake
Another day. Started with the red flow
That's the real way

Your feellings are on again
Put them to sleep by been awake
One shot at the time
one snort for one line

There's beauty in the dust
Until you want to evade the truth
The bugs are crawling again
Feeling nervous,disperse

Wishing for it once more
Negating reality as a whole
But you always knew
That happiness was just a show

This is your ticket to the end
And you will pay, my friend
'Cause this is what yo were longing for
Just more powder for your nose

Let it bleed and stare at the dark
That separates you from other man
We always wanted to end this way
So be honest, and kill the pain